Thamani | Cold Press Oil | Moringa Seed Oil | 30ml



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  • All natural cold-pressed extraction technique followed by a 3-step filtration process yields a pure, nutrients rich “Moringa Seed Oil ” that is completely unrefined and chemical free.
  • 36 NATURAL ANTI-OXIDANTS: Enriched with 36 Natural Anti-oxidants, our Drumstick oil will give you a powerful boost to your immune system and keep you energetic throughout the day. According to Ayurvedic traditional medicine practitioners, It can prevent and cure about 300 disease
  • HEALING PROPERTIES FOR THE SKIN: You don’t have to spend a lot of money on expensive skin products. Moringa Seed Oil contains four times the collagen as carrot oil which are important for skin renewal and repair. Controls Skin Oil – Cleans Acne Prone Skin – Tightens Skins and Promotes Elasticity – Increases Skin Radiance. Result? Reduced Signs of Ageing
  • OIL FOR COLOUR TREATED LOCKS: So, you color treat your hair. Now, that is good for your complexion, but hair color treatments damage your hair. What if I told you there was a treatment which could protect your color treated hair and stop it from fading. Reduce the amount of hair that falls out every time you brush it and even help to treat your damaged hair. Yes, Moringa Oil is one exceptional oil which is used to protect your colour treated locks.

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