Little Millet Jaggery Cookies | Pack of 3-Each of 100g

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Little Millet Jaggery Cookies – A Crunchy and Flavorful Treat

  • Looking for a healthy and flavourful snack that satisfies your sweet tooth?
  • Look no further than our Little Millet Jaggery Cookies!
  • Our cookies are a unique take on the traditional cookie, infused with the aromatic flavour of Jeera (cumin seeds).
  • Our Little Millet Jaggery Cookies are packed with wholesome goodness to give you a guilt-free indulgence.
  • They are made with Little Millet and jaggery and are free from dairy, Maida, baking soda and trans-fat.
  • Why settle for boring when you can take it a notch above with our Little Millet Jaggery Cookies , order today.


Whole Wheat flour, Jaggery Powder, Hydrogenated Veg. Oil, Little Millet Flour, Pineapple flavour

Shelf Life

9 months

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Weight 0.300 kg

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